Anhalt Road

Photos: Peter Landers

The client’s brief for the site was to optimise the space available with modern intelligent architecture. AndArchitects’ response was to provide a three storey, five-bedroom family home with a simple residential vernacular. It was important to retain a relationship with the surrounding properties and continue and enhance the rhythm of the street-scape.

The massing of the new design was set back but aligned with the neighbour’s boundary. The height of the design carefully relates to the scale of the street but with a contemporary and fresh approach to the appearance of the façade. By separating the main mass of the building into two distinct elements, the pivot point of the site determined the angles of the front elevation and the location of the glazed link between the two wings.

The use of glazing on the ground floor and a light shaft between the two elements of the property helps bring natural light into the heart of the living and dining areas and compensates for the lack of windows to the rear of the property. The use of glass continues internally with walk-on glass to stair landings. The front corner windows offer views down the street and allow the design to capitalise on its position on an in-fill site.

The main wing uses London Stock brickwork to complement the existing façades and to create a subtle relationship with the adjacent properties whilst the recessed block uses dark engineering brick. The contrast in materials produces subtle differences between the two wings