devas youth club

The main element of the client brief was to create a centre of excellence for youth work. Key to the Devas Club’s vision is the change from the traditional youth work focus on sport and games to the provision of first class educational and recreational

The external appearance of the building was an important factor in creating a bold and inviting building. A warmer and contemporary appearance has been designed by over-cladding the concrete cladding with untreated timber and the facilities to enable the development of creative arts and positive activities in an exciting and safe community environment.

A further aim was to create a sustainable building, to reduce ongoing running and maintenance costs which currently divert funds from the core gantries and retractable seating will satisfy the need to create flexible spaces for sports, theatre and performance activities, whilst the new external escape stair supports the new increased capacities. activities offered by the Devas Club, and to produce a world-class sustainable building in which culture and learning can thrive.