Galvanizers Association, 2008

Galvanisers Association Magazine, 2008

AndArchitects Brentford Football Club development was featured in Galvanisers Association Magazine in 2008. From the article:

Cost-effective solutions By Iqbal Johal / Holger Glinde

Big bold stadia designs that make dramatic statements are the vogue today especially for the major football teams across Europe. There is however, demand for small-scale well-designed spectator stands that fulfil the requirements of both clients and spectators. This article deals with three different projects that have involved imaginative solutions to very specific local issues.

Brentford FC – Ealing Road Terrace Redevelopment

AndArchitects Ltd were asked by Brentford Football Club to develop a scheme to provide covered seating to the Ealing Road stand as part of the ongoing Football Foundation funded redevelopment at Griffin Park.

Brentford FC was founded in 1889 and became known as the ‘Bees’ by its supporters. In 1904 the club moved to ‘Griffin Park’ which is still its home today. The Ealing Road Terrace was a single ground-bearing stepped concrete tier that provided standing space only and was open to the elements. AndArchitects proposed a sloped cantilevered rood, approximately 62m in length and 11m deep over the entire length of the terrace between existing floodlight towers. The completed structure was made from a series of frames, each shaped like an inverted ‘L’ and fixed to the top of the concrete terrace at its base, with cold-formed purlins spanning between the frames. This structure was then clad with light grey metal profiled cladding with a section of translucent panels to the rear elevation to allow daylight thought to the terracing. The decision to use galvanised steel was taken both on aesthetic and practical grounds: to give a uniform appearance with the cladding whilst being durable and relatively low maintenance. The simplicity of the design and construction method helped deliver a project that was both on time and on budget.