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Luton Power Court planning permission

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It comes as no surprise that for a project of this scale the planning permission took a while to get approval, but after just over two years we can confirm that it has been granted. On Luton council website the planning permission includes the following:

“Outline planning permission, with all matters reserved except for access, for mixed use development comprising: a new football stadium (use class D2), with ancillary stadium-related facilities (including spectator and media facilities, conference rooms, catering facilities and commercial space); residential floorspace (use class C3); flexible educational / community / commercial uses (use class D1/D2/B1(a)); hotel accommodation (use class C1); retail and food and drink (use class A1-A5); a food store (use class A1) car and cycle parking; and associated access, highways, utilities, public realm, landscaping, river works and associated ancillary works and structures.”

Tom ReekieComment