Environmental Policy

Sustainability: Environmental Approach

AndArchitects is an environmentally conscious company, committed to keen green practice and fully committed to implementing its environmental policy.

Climate change and corporate social responsibility are the two most urgent global issues. International governments, regulatory bodies and the public have recognised the necessity to act and the market demands ever higher levels of environmentally and socially sustainable development. AndArchitects have the expertise, skills and experience to help our clients achieve a low energy and sustainable future.

Though we are a small company (employing 10-12 people) we recognise that our activities will have some impact on the environment and we aim to minimise that impact.

AndArchitects have appointed an individual in charge of environmental policy, environmental training, internal consultation, energy consumption, waste production and recycling as well as corporate social responsibility.

This policy falls within the remit of the Board of Director’s and is signed off by the Managing Director – Manuel Nogueira.

The AndArchitects Environmental Policy is in use by all employees of the practice and a current, updated version is always available on our internal office system.

The nature of our business does not create much waste, but the company ensures recycling measures are in place, in addition, we have expertise in a wide range of collaboration software which minimises the requirement for printing.

97% of our staff arrive by public transport, bicycle or on foot and we operate one shared office pool car. Secure bicycle storage areas are provided for our staff together with changing facilities.

We are continually reviewing our working methods to ensure that they are as sustainable as possible.


Design Approach

We approach the design process by establishing a detailed understanding of the site environment, transport, infrastructure, ecology, biodiversity and natural resources. We believe that every site as specific requirements and opportunities which can be developed to maximise the value, sustainability and enjoyment of the site.

AndArchitects comply with relevant environmental legislation including;

·         Building Regulations – Key documents addressing energy efficiency, renewable energy and carbon reductions are Part L in England and Wales, including The Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) energy rating.

·         Town Planning Regulations – including all Local Regulations governing environmental issues, set out in the Planning Policy Statement 22 Planning Guidance on Renewable Energy. In addition, key guidance includes a Design Advice Pack, Planning for Passive Solar Design and Daylight Design in Architecture.

·         RIBA Climate Change Policy – Developed by the Policy & Strategy Group and the Sustainability Futures Group.


AndArchitects in Construction

Environmentally responsible building involved an awareness of the implications for the environment at every level of construction. AndArchitects approaches the principles of Green Building as a key guide to sustainable construction:

·         Reducing Energy in Use

·         Minimising External Pollution and Environmental Damage

·         Reducing Embodied Energy, and

·         Resource Depletion and Minimising Internal Pollution and Damage to Health.

By adopting the methodology of the Green Guide Handbooks Vol. 1&2, we can give a critical analysis of the environmental impact of products and materials specified in order to embed a sustainable process throughout design and construction.

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