Tiamat Luxury Resort, Maldives

tiamat luxury resort maldives

Tiamat is planned as a private Island experience at the highest level. The ambition is to emanate the ultimate super yacht experience on a land-based resort so that the individuals can enjoy the same level of absolute privacy and indulgence without having to escape on a yacht.

The design concept aims to surpass the traditional aesthetic and incorporate state-of-the-art technology across all spectrums. The design of the villa would reflect the abundance of natural materials available on site and the sensitivity required for successful integration with the environment and reflecting the proportions of the indigenous landscape with the long low flat
beaches and the tall palm trees and foliage in the background.

A raised platform design, linking the villas and apartments by aerial walkways minimizes the guest’s presence and softens the footprint on the ground of the site, whilst promoting observation and increasing guests’ understanding of the environment through a stimulating and creative setting