Orsino Building, uxbridge high school

The Orsino Building is located near the Brentford Training Academy which was also previously designed by AndArchitects. The new single storey building provides an opportunity for a higher quality of design and capacity when compared to the existing music building and provides better facilities and classrooms for the children.

Soft landscaping to the west of the building is accessible from the drama studio and the path adjacent to the buildings becomes sheltered by a canopy. The relationship of the canopy to the building also provides multi-purpose seating area for the children during break times. A green sedum roofing system on the building gives a coherent outlook from the surrounding buildings onto a soft landscape below and ties the built form together as a unified whole.

The use of coloured polycarbonate cladding emphasises the rhythm of the vertical windows whilst also acting as a visual screen. The colour is applied to the rear face of the polycarbonate sheet that alludes to the translucent, pastel-like shimmering affect.

The architectural hierarchy and form relationships created by the UHS Orsino Building creates a natural amphitheatre that allows the stage to open onto the landscape, doubling its size, and provides a natural forum to celebrate both the creative arts and the architectural form of the building.